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Fluorescent pigments

Fluorescent pigments include inorganic fluorescent pigments such as fluorescent pigments used in fluorescent lamp and fluorescent ink for anti-counterfeiting, and organic fluorescent pigments also called daylight fluorescent pigments. Daylight fluorescent pigments are weak fastness for light and solvents. What we called fluorescent pigments here is daylight fluorescent pigments. Fluorescent pigments contains fluorescent dyes, resin and additives.

They are classified in terms of different standards:

  • 1) by applications: high temperature resistance fluorescent pigments, medium temperature resistance fluorescent pigments, low temperature resistance fluorescent pigments, fluorescent pigments for water based coatings, fluorescent pigments for solvent based coatings.
  • 2) by environment protection: free of formaldehyde fluorescent pigments and fluorescent pigments contains formaldehyde. Fluorescent pigments are widely used in plastics and rubbers, master batches, sol, fiber, papers, color pastes, printing inks, paints and coatings, textile printing etc.. Plastics and rubbers are one of the most important application of daylight fluorescent pigments, fluorescent pigments are dispersed in plastics and rubbers by plastics injection, extrusion, membrane blowing and fiber drawing.
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