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Pigment Paste

pigment paste

Pigment Paste is mainly fine dispersions of pigments in aqueous, solvent or universal system, including Water Based Pigment Paste, Solvent Based Pigment Paste and Fluorescent Pigment Paste. Water Based Pigment Paste is high dispersed suspension of pigments, it is produced by the mixture of water and pigment auxiliaries. Aqueous Pigment Dispersions is composed of high quality pigment and additives, it is excellent dispersibility and fluidity, high color concentrates, excellent weather fastness, nice compatibility with other water system and no powder pollution. Water Based Pigment Paste is widely used in textile, construction, paper making, latex, synthetic leather, printing ink, wood coloring, electrophoresis etc. Solvent Based Pigment Paste is formed with solvents and pigment auxiliaries, it is applicable for solvent based industrial paint, architectural paint and decorative paint. Fluorescent Pigment Paste is free of formaldehyde, heavy metals, APEO and the 24 banned aromatic amines, this dispersion is widely used in textile, garment dyeing, pad dyeing, paper, leather etc.

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