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Trichromatic disperse dye

Trichromatic types of disperse dyes are most used ones, according to heat resistance when applying, there are E-type trichromatic disperse dye, SE-type trichromatic disperse dye which include two shades by different products, and S-type trichromatic disperse dye.

S-type Trichromatic Disperse Dye

  Orange 4RL Disperse Orange 30
  Red 5BL Disperse Red 167
  Blue 3BG Disperse Blue 79

SE-type Trichromatic Disperse Dye

  Yellow 4G Disperse Yellow 211
  Red GFL Disperse Red 73
  Blue 2R Disperse Blue 183:1
  Orange RH Disperse Orange 288
  Violet B Disperse Violet 93
  Blue 3GR Disperse Blue 291:1

E-type Trichromatic Disperse Dye

  Yellow 3G Disperse Yellow 54
  Red FB Disperse Red 60
  Blue 2BLN Disperse Blue 56
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