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Iron Oxide

Product Information: By Application

Iron oxide is an inert, non-toxic, environment friendly inorganic pigment, it is insoluble in water and diluted acids, resistant to acid, lime and alkaline as well as absolutely weather and light stable.

Iron oxide pigment is classified different various of iron oxide according to its characteristics and producing method: general type iron oxide, which is also called synthesized iron oxide, micronized iron oxide, granular iron oxide, heat stable iron oxide, micaceous iron oxide, transparent iron oxide and natural iron oxide. Synthesized iron oxide is the most used and popular type, which is produced by mixed acids, they can be divided into many grades by different standards:

  • 1. By colors: iron oxide red, iron oxide yellow, iron oxide black, iron oxide orange, iron oxide brown, iron oxide blue, iron oxide green (compound ferric green);
  • 2. By delivery forms: powder iron oxide, micronized powder iron oxide, granules iron oxide. Iron oxide pigments are recognized for their outstanding color stability, excellent light fastness, weather stability and chemical resistance. They are widely used in constructions materials, paints and coatings, plastics and master batches, papers, aquariums and ponds, artifical turf, biogas desulfurization, brake linings, catalysts, ceramic stains, cigarette tips, colored enamel and glazes, colored acoustic barriers, colored asphalt, paving stones, bricks, concrete masonry blocks, mortar, mulch, colored fertilizer, wood plastic composites, cosmetics and so on.

Epsilon can offer below packages and palletized, shrink wrapped, which are suitable for long distance tranportation.
25kg paper bag with inner plastic;
20kg or 25kg colored valve bag;
25kg low melting PE bag;
25kg water soluble bag;
25kg kraft paper bag;
500-1100kg flexible container big bag.

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