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In Organic Pigments, the molecules are made of carbon atoms along with hydrogen, nitrogen or oxygen atoms. However, they can also contain inorganic metallic elements that help stabilizing the properties of the organic components. Organic simply means "containing carbon atoms", the key to organic pigment chemistry lies in carbon's amazing ability to combine with itself in a great variety of atomic structures - rings, chains and branches - including the most important and basic, the benzene ring of six interconnected carbon atoms. Synthetic organic pigments are very potent and most saturated and the strongest tinting colorants available for any specific hue. While, their lightfastness can change dramatically depending on particle size, crystal form, or the type of substrate used in laking. The main chemical groups of synthetic organic pigments include, monoazo (arylide), disazo (diarylide), disazo condensation, benzimidazolone, beta naphthol, metal complex, isoindolinone & isoindoline, phthalocyanine, quinacridone, perylene, perinone, anthraquinone, diketo-pyrrolo pyrrole (DPP), dioxazine, triarylcarbonium. Azo pigments form by the presence of monoazo or diszao, is the largest, most diverse and most important group of synthetic organic colorants, 70% of all synthetic organic pigments are in azo family, they cover the main range of yellow, orange, red, violet and brown shades. By far, the most important group of other chemical groups is represented by the copper phthalocyanine structure, nearly all of blue and green shades of organic pigments are in this chemical entity.

About 50% of the total volume of synthetic organic dyes and pigments produced in the world is applicable for printing inks, 25% is used in architectural paints, the remaining for coloring textiles, plastics, automotive finishes, ceramics, enamels, papers, cements, candles, foods, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Besides printing inks, coatings, plastic applications, our organic pigments are used for many kinds of materials purposes that require colors, including color filters for LCD displays, toner for color copiers and inks for inkjet printers.

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