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Metal-complex Solvent Dyes

Metal-complex solvent dye is shorted as metal-complex dyes, these are mainly anionic chromium and cobalt complexes of azo dyes. The cation is either a sodium ion or a substituted ammonium ion. These dyes are normally soluble in alcohols, glycolethers, ketones and esters. Solvent dyes of metal complex have a higher colour strength and a higher light stability, because metal particles go into the dyes' molecule.

Wood stain or wood coating is designed for decorative and protective purposes, it is usually composed of a transparent or semi-transparent colorant solution. The solution penetrates the wood without hiding the grain, and indeed often enhancing it. The main requirements of wood colorants are transparency, high saturation, high brilliance, good bleed and chemical resistance, good solvent compatibility and high light fastness.

Metal-complex solvent dye is mainly used in wood stains, printing inks, aluminum foil coloring, hot stamping foil coloring, paints, coatings, leather finishes, baking finishes, stationery ink and plastic coatings. Further more, metal-complex solvent dyes own following advantages: 1. excellent solubility; 2. good compatibility with most resins; 3. bright colors; 4. excellent chemical resistance; 5. free of heavy metals; 6. liquid form is available.

Product nameProduct name
Metal-complex Solvent Black Metal-complex Solvent Blue
Metal-complex Solvent Brown Metal-complex Solvent Green
Metal-complex Solvent Orange Metal-complex Solvent Red
Metal-complex Solvent Violet Metal-complex Solvent Yellow
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