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Nigrosin Black

Nigrosin Blacks include oil soluble nigrosine (color index solvent black 7), spirit soluble nigrosine or alcohol soluble nigrosine (color index solvent black 5), MS conc nigrosine (color index acid black 2) and aniline black (color index pigment black 1). All Nigrosins do show absorption in the infrared light making them suitable for optical character recognition. They are suitable for inkjet inks, ball point pen inks, solvent marker pen inks, water sign pen inks, industrial inks, ribbon inks, carbon paper, shoe polish, plastics, phenolic resin, polyamide resin, urea resin, lacquers, varnishes, wood stains, leather, cotton, flax, metallic products, coatings, alcohol based oil soluble self drying alkyd coatings, nitryl paints, water based coatings, thermosetting coatings, stationery commodities, alcohol based printing ink, plastics application such as acrylic resin, unsaturated polyester resin, fibrin resin, bakelite, polyester alkyd, polyvinyl chloride, polycarbonate,polystyrene, polypropylene, non-water soluble coloring of leather and fur, coatings, printing ink, positive charge conrol agent in electrostatic printing powder, coloring for stationery.

Product nameProduct name
Pigment Black 1 Acid Black 2
Solvent Black 5 Solvent Black 7
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