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Hangzhou Epsilon Chemical Co.,Ltd is a fast growing modern enterprise, which was founded in 2006 located in Hangzhou. After many years' development, Epsilon has been leading supplier and producer for customers from all over the world.
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Hot products

  • Synthetic Iron Oxide Red

    These products are made from iron sheet and ferrous sulfate by reaction time and crystal shapes with excellent fastness, suitable for paints, coatings, concretes, paving road, cement, brick, tile.
  • Synthetic Iron Oxide Black

    The pigments are produced by traditional oxidation-reduction reaction from iron sheet and ferrous sulfate, it is strong color strength, high quality, widely used in paints, coatings, concretes, paving road, brick.
  • Carbon Black for Printing Inks

    The pigments own low oil absorption, very good fluidity, high tinting strength, easy to disperse, suitable for offset inks, UV inks, water based inks, solvent based inks, nitrocellulose inks, polyamide inks, polyurethane inks etc.
  • Carbon Black for Paints & Coatings

    The carbon black exhibits high jetness, bluish undertone, good dispersion, strong color strength, widely used in automotive paints, powder coatings, water based coatings, solvent based coatings, industrial coatings, coil coating etc.
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