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Acid Black 2

General Description

  • Product name: Acid Black 2
    Other name: Nigrosine Water Soluble, Nigrosine W/S, Lurazol Deep Blue EB, Acid Nigrosine
    C.I. NO.: 50420
    CAS NO.: 8005-03-6

Acid black 2 is black and shining particle, soluble in water easily, soluble in alcohol and blue in alcohol. Blue in dense sulphuric acid, purple precipitate after dilution. Blue purple in water and dark purple precipitate with NaOH

Color Sample


Related Brands

  • (HUANAN) Acid Grains Black
    (BAY) Nigrosine WLL
    (LBH) Nigrosine B
    (IGI) Nigrosine G.HN
    (GGY) Nigrosine K
    (FRAN) Nigrosine S
    (NSK) Nigrosine Z
    (ACNA) Water Nigrosine SB

Acid Black 2 Applications

Acid Black 2 is recommended for coloring for leather, sheep’s wool, silk, cotton, flax, metallic products, water base inks and stationery

Typical Physical Properties

Specification Value
Appearance Black powder
Shade Similar to std.
Concentration, % 100
Moisture, % 6.0 max
Ash, % 17.0 max.

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