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Ultramarine Blue for Paper

Ultramarine blue is used for whitening of cellulose pulp and the coloration of the outside coating on colored and stucco papers in paper industry. The pigment exhibits excellent dispersibility, absence of oversized particles, low moisture and low sulfur content, especially for producing a kind of pale blue writing paper.

Ultramarine Blue Product :

  • Ultramarine Blue 906

    906 is a red undertone ultramarine blue, multiple applications for coatings, plastics, detergents etc.Read More
  • Ultramarine Blue 902

    902 is a blue undertone pigment, more brilliant than 906, multiple applications for coatings, plastics, inksRead More
  • Ultramarine Blue 802

    802 is a green undertone ultramarine blue, good tinting strength and brilliance.Read More
  • Ultramarine Blue 806

    806 is a red undertone pigment, very high tinting strength, good dispersion, multiple applications.Read More
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