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Ultramarine Blue

Ultramarine Blue Product Information: By Application

Ultramarine Blue is a synthetic inorganic pigment whose color has been classified as pigment blue 29, C.I. 77007 by the Color Index System, basic chemical composition is Na8-x[(Al,Si)12]O24(Sy)2. It is a mineral-derived blue composed of sodium aluminum silicate and sulfate, the mineral is called Lazurite.

Ultramarine Blue is the most ancient and brilliant, non-toxic and environmentally-friendly blue pigment. It has got a clean and bright reddish blue shade. This makes ultramarine blue different to any other blue pigments of the market and due to this fact, it is very attractive. In addition to this very specific reddish blue shade, ultramarine blue is an excellent white corrector that neutralizes yellowish shades. This whitening effect is widely appreciated in many fields of applications such as plastics, coatings, detergents, papers, rubbers, the most important area is used for brightening the white cotton cloth after washing and to provide blue color. Also ultramarine blue is used as blue colorant in masterbatches, plastics, paints and coatings, printing inks, cement. Which owes to the excellent properties, outstanding alkali and high temperature resistance, exceptional weather fastness, especially very stable after exposed to sunlight, wind and raining for long time. But it is weak to acid resistance.

Epsilon offers following grades close to Nubiola and Holliday brands:
Holliday 5008, 02, RS 06, RS 05
Nubiola EP-62, EP-19, EP-25

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