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Titanium Dioxide Anatase

Anatase Titanium Dioxide, A crystalline form, turns to rutile grade when heated to more than 700°C, becomes yellow tone when temperature higher than 400°C, worse durability, lightfastness and tinting strength than rutile grade. This pigment exhibits good light scattering strength, high whiteness, strong hiding power, good weather fastness. Hence, titanium dioxide anatase grade is mainly used in papers, printing inks, textile and fiber, rubber, but also available for indoor industrial coatings, plastics, ceramics.

In papers applications, titanium dioxide anatase grade plays the role in fluorescence and whitening. In printing inks applications, this product is mainly used to be colorant in high grade printing inks. In textiles and fibers applications, this pigment is deluster. In rubbers applications, titanium dioxide anatase pigment is not only a colorant also reinforcing agent, anti-aging agent and filling agent.

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