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Ultramarine Blue for Plastics

Owing to non-shrinking, non-warping, outstanding heat and light stability, ultramarine blue is used for masterbatches applications. This pigment is widely used in applications that require improved appearance about brightness, transparency, surface smoothness. This color masterbatch also provides improved mechanical properties preferred for manufacturing of thin films, pressure pipes, fibres, bottles, etc. In leather applications, ultramarine blue makes leather more wearable, waterproof and longer lasting.

Ultramarine blue pigment is used to provide a reddish blue shade or to whiten polymers. It also works to provide a blue undertone to grey and black plastic parts. They are compatible and suitable for all kinds of polymers, from polyolefins to engineering polymers, including rubber as well. The fine particles of the ultramarine blue maintain dimensional stability of polyolefins and other polymers, so that warping and shrinking do not take place.

Furthermore, the most important area is that, ultramarine blue as a colorant of plastics or fibers is that, when it is incorporated into these materials, it confers on them "dimensional stability". This pigment does not cause shrinkage, distortion or warping as a result of its being colored, and it does not "leak" poisonous effluent in a landfill site in which the plastics or fibers are dumped.

Ultramarine Blue Product :

  • Ultramarine Blue 463

    463 is a blue undertone ultramarine blue, economic grade for multiple applications.Read More
  • Ultramarine Blue 464

    464 is a blue undertone ultramarine blue, higher tinting strength and brilliance than 463.Read More
  • Ultramarine Blue 465

    465 is a red undertone ultramarine blue, better brilliant than 464, multiple applications.Read More
  • Ultramarine Blue 906

    906 is a red undertone ultramarine blue, multiple applications for coatings, plastics, detergents etc.Read More
  • Ultramarine Blue 902

    902 is a blue undertone pigment, more brilliant than 906, multiple applications for coatings, plastics, inksRead More
  • Ultramarine Blue 802

    802 is a green undertone ultramarine blue, good tinting strength and brilliance.Read More
  • Ultramarine Blue 806

    806 is a red undertone pigment, very high tinting strength, good dispersion, multiple applications.Read More
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