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Paint and Coating requires high purity iron oxide pigments, which are high tinting strength and hiding power, outstanding lightfastness and weather resistance, good acid and alkaline resistance, easy to disperse and grind by mills. Decided by the different physical and chemical properties, each iron oxide pigment is suitable for different paint and coating, general iron oxide is applicable for epoxy paint, alkyd paint, amidogen paint, primer paint, and all kinds of coatings, such as powder coating, water based coating and solvent based coating, floor paint, epoxy flooring; micronized iron oxide is used in high grade paint and coating, coil coating, corrosion protection, decorative paint, emulsion paint, flooring coating, industrial coating, plastic coating, leather coating, powder coating, roof tile coating; transparent iron oxide is suitable for wood coating, automobile coating, plastic coating, metal coating, architectural coating, artist color; heat stable iron oxide is applied for paint and coating which require heat resistance, for example coil coating, silicone heat-resistant coating, fluorocarbon coating, ceramic coating, non-stick coating, pot coating; micaceous iron oxide is used in primer, intermediate paint, finish paint of anti-corrosion paints; while natural iron oxide is most applicable for anti-corrosion and primer paint.

All iron oxide pigments are produced by synthesis with top quality, and consistent quality batch by batch.

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