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Ultramarine Blue for Construction

Ultramarine blue is light and weather resistance, fastness to strongly alkaline cement paste, insoluble in the mixing water and rainfall, very stable chemical properties, high cement compatibility, which makes it widely used in constructions and architectures, such as concrete, mortar, cement. In the meanwhile, the unique blue color of ultramarine blue is more than more popular especially in the innovation designs for colored cements.

Besides, the most usual inorganic pigments for the cement coloration are synthetic and natural iron oxides for red, yellow, black and brown colors, chrome oxide green for green color, ultramarine blue and cobalt blue for blue colors, titanium dioxide for white color.

Ultramarine Blue Product :

  • Ultramarine Blue 465

    465 is a red undertone ultramarine blue, better brilliant than 464, multiple applications.Read More
  • Ultramarine Blue 906

    906 is a red undertone ultramarine blue, multiple applications for coatings, plastics, detergents etc.Read More
  • Ultramarine Blue 902

    902 is a blue undertone pigment, more brilliant than 906, multiple applications for coatings, plastics, inksRead More
  • Ultramarine Blue 806

    806 is a red undertone pigment, very high tinting strength, good dispersion, multiple applications.Read More
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