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Ultramarine Blue for Printing Inks

Ultramarine blue exhibits good wettability, good resistance to organic solvents, high light fastness and low absorption, which make this pigment are used in a variety of inks, solvent based inks, water based inks, flexographic inks, polyamide inks, gravure inks, packaging inks etc.

Ultramarine Blue Product :

  • Ultramarine Blue 906

    906 is a red undertone ultramarine blue, multiple applications for coatings, plastics, detergents etc.Read More
  • Ultramarine Blue 902

    902 is a blue undertone pigment, more brilliant than 906, multiple applications for coatings, plastics, inksRead More
  • Ultramarine Blue 802

    802 is a green undertone ultramarine blue, good tinting strength and brilliance.Read More
  • Ultramarine Blue 806

    806 is a red undertone pigment, very high tinting strength, good dispersion, multiple applications.Read More
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