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Fluorescent pigments for inks and paints

The most advantage for ET series fluorescent pigments is that, excellent resistance to solvents, especially high molecular weight polar solvents such as ketones, esters etc. In the same time, ET series are good migration fastness when coloring for PVC plastics, which is colored by pre-dispersion pigments made from ET series fluorescent pigments. Hence, ET series fluorescent pigments are used in coloring for printing inks for papers, screen printing inks, pencil lacquers, as well as other paints. Meanwhile, they are also suitable for coloring for PP, PE and PVC.

Typical Physical Properties

Specification Value
Shade (compared with std.) Similar
Tinting Strength (compared with std.), % 95-105.
Average Particle Size, μm 10 max.
Heat Resistance, °C 250 min.
Oil Absorption, % 45 max.


Color Sample Epsilon Type Fluorescent Pigment
  ET-11 Pink
  ET-12 Peach Red
  ET-13 Red
  ET-14 Orange Red
  ET-15 Orange Yellow
  ET-16 Golden Yellow
  ET-17 Lemon Yellow
  ET-18 Green
  ET-19 Blue
  ET-20 Violet
  ET-21 Magenta
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