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Pigment Yellow 184

General Description

Product Name: Bismuth Vanadate Yellow
Epsilon Code: MMOY18401
C.I. No.: 771740
Color Index: Pigment Yellow 184
CAS RN NO.: 14059-33-7
EINECS NO.: 237-898-0
Chemical Composition: V/Bi/Mo Oxide
Bismuth Yellow is bright lemon yellow powder, its tinting strength is four times of nickel antimony titanium yellow (Pigment Yellow 53), similar hiding powder as titanium dioxide, good resistance of all kinds of solvents. Bismuth Yellow’s color is close to chrome yellow or cadmium yellow, much brighter than nickel antimony titanium yellow or iron oxide yellow, excellent weather resistance and lightfastness, so it can be an option of environment friendly substitute for medium chrome yellow applying in road marking paint or traffic marking coating. Bismuth Yellow can be mixed with high performance organic pigments to form better performance orange or red pigments. MMOY18401 is close to Hostaperm Oxide Yellow BV 01.

Color Sample



Exterior coatings, industrial coatings, automotive coatings, decorative coatings, coil coatings, car paints, OEM paints and coatings, powder coatings, water-based paints, solvent based coating, EPOXY coating, UV coatings, high-temperature paints, engineering plastics, master batch, PE, PP, ABS, technology glasses, colored glasses, glass lamps, architectural ceramics, ceramic works, engineering ceramics, industrial enamels, architectural enamelware, colored inks, watermark inks, concave-convex inks, screen ink, UV ink, laminates.

Typical Physical Properties

Specification Value
Appearance Yellow powder
Shade Greenish
Mean Particle Size, μm 1-2 max.
Moisture Content, % 0.2 max.
Water Soluble Salt, % 0.3 max.
Oil Absorption, g/100g 18 max.
pH Value 6-8
Heat Resistance, °C 280
Light Fastness 8
Weather Resistance 5
Acid Resistance 4
Alkali Resistance 5
Solvent Resistance 5

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