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General Disperse Dye

Product name C.I. #
  Yellow 4GL  
  Yellow RGFL  
  Yellow RL  
  Yellow RGEL Disperse Yellow 23
  Yellow 3GL Disperse Yellow 64
  Yellow 6GFS Disperse Yellow 114
  Yellow 5G Disperse Yellow 119
  Yellow BRL Disperse Yellow 163
  Yellow 5GL Disperse Yellow 241
  Yellow 3R  
  Orange 4RF  
  Orange F3R Disperse Orange 25
  Orange 5RL Disperse Orange 29
  Orange 3RL Disperse Orange 31
  Orange RFL Disperse Orange 38:2
  Orange 3RFL Disperse Orange 44
  Orange REL Disperse Orange 61
  Orange 3RLT Disperse Orange 62
  Orange R-SF Disperse Orange 73
  Orange 2RCW Disperse Orange 76
  Red B Disperse Red 1
  Palm 3RN Disperse Brown 1:1
  Palm 2BL  
  Palm 3RL  
  Red BD Disperse Red 13
  Red 2R Disperse Red 50
  Red 3GFL Disperse Red 54
  Red R Disperse Red 74
  Red H2BL Disperse Red 82
  Red BEL Disperse Red 92
  Red 2BL-S Disperse Red 145
  Red GF Disperse Red 146
  Red BS Disperse Red 152
  Red GS Disperse Red 153
  Red H4G-FS Disperse Red 153:1
  Red FRL Disperse Red 177
  Red BLS Disperse Red 179
  Ruby D3B Disperse Red 311
  Red F3BS Disperse Red 343
  Red CBN Disperse Red 356
  Red GL  
  Purple HFRL Disperse Violet 26/31
  Purple 2RL Disperse Violet 28
  Purple CB Disperse Violet 33
  Purple 3RL Disperse Violet 63
  Purple 3RL-S Disperse Violet 77
  Blue C-4R  
  Blue 2B Disperse Blue 56:2
  Blue GL Disperse Blue 60
  Blue BR  
  Blue BL Disperse Blue 87
  Blue 3RT Disperse Blue 148
  Blue BBLS Disperse Blue 165
  Blue 3RF Disperse Blue 257
  Blue AR Disperse Blue 281
  Blue C-R Disperse Blue 284
  Blue 3G Disperse Blue 291
  Blue CR-E Disperse Blue 366
  Blue F2GS Disperse Blue 367
  Blue EX-SF  
  Blue EXNSF  
  Blue ECO  
  Blue RD-2R  
  Blue HSF  
  Blue CSN  
  Green C-6B Disperse Green 9
  Gray HBL  
  Gray N  
  Brown 2BL  
  Brown 3RL  
  Black 2BL  
  Black 3BL  
  Black EX-SF  
  Black EXNSF  
  Black ECO  
  Black ECT  
  Black RD-EK  
  Black OST  
  Black RXNSF  
  Black EV-ST  
  Black RD-3G  
  Black U  
  Black SRN  
  Black GI  
  Black CSN  
  Black CC-R  
  Black L-BT  
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