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Fluorescent pigments for textile printings

EB series fluorescent pigments are special for textile printing or textile color pastes and can also be used in water based coatings. They own fine particle size with brilliant colors, intense fluorescence and good dispersion.

Typical Physical Properties

Specification Value
Shade (compared with std.) Similar
Tinting Strength (compared with std.), % 95 min.
Average Particle Size, μm 6 max.
Fluidity, mm 30.0 min.
Oil Absorption, % 55 max.
Soaping Fastness, grade 2 min.
Bulk Density, g/cm3 0.6


Color Sample Epsilon Type Fluorescent Pigment
  EB-11 Pink
  EB-12 Peach Red
  EB-13 Red
  EB-14 Orange Red
  EB-15 Orange Yellow
  EB-16 Golden Yellow
  EB-17 Lemon Yellow
  EB-18 Green
  EB-19 Blue
  EB-20 Violet
  EB-21 Magenta
  EB-22 Sapphire
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