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Fluorescent pigments for low temperature plastics

AX series fluorescent pigments belong to low temperature plastic fluorescent pigments with processing temperature less than 190°C. They have brilliant colors, high tinting strength, excellent fluorescence effects, good dispersion, Furthermore, AX series fluorescent pigments are not easy to stick screw during plastics processing. They are suitable for coloring for all kinds of plastics such as PP, PE, PVC with processing temperature not higher than 190°C, as well as coatings required limited solvents resistance.

Typical Physical Properties

Specification Value
Shade (compared with std.) Similar
Tinting Strength (compared with std.), % 95-105.
Average Particle Size, μm 10 max.
Heat Resistance, °C 180 min.
Softening Point, °C 110-125


Color Sample Epsilon Type Fluorescent Pigment
  AX-11 Pink
  AX-12 Peach Red
  AX-13 Red
  AX-14 Orange Red
  AX-15 Orange Yellow
  AX-16 Golden Yellow
  AX-17 Lemon Yellow
  AX-18 Green
  AX-19 Blue
  AX-20 Violet
  AX-21 Magenta
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