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Titanium Dioxide

Product Information: By Grade

Known as titania, titanium white, permanent white and titanium oxide, titanium dioxide is a synthetic white pigment and fine white powder with high hiding power, nontoxic, permanent, and usable in all mediums. Titanium dioxide has been classified as pigment white 6, C.I. 77891 by the Colour Index System. Their basic chemical composition is TiO2. Titanium dioxide is the most widely used white pigment because of its brightness, very high refractive index and is applicable in all kinds of paints, coatings, printing ink, plastics, papers, synthetic fibers, ceramics, electronic components along with food and cosmetics, as well as most toothpastes.

When used in paints and coatings, titanium dioxide provides for maximum whiteness and opacity, gives paints and coatings high hiding power, meaning the ability to mask or hide the substrate underneath, it does this more effectively than any other white pigment. Today, titanium dioxide pigment is by far the most important material used by the paints industry for whiteness and opacity. These unique properties are derived from the refractive index of titanium dioxide. The refractive index expresses the ability to bend and scatter light. This pigment is used extensively in plastics and other applications not only as a white pigment or an opacifier but also for its UV resistant properties. While applicable for rubbers, titanium dioxide pigment In ceramic glazes, titanium dioxide acts as an opacifier and seeds crystal formation.

Epsilon has developed several grades titanium dioxide to meet the requirements in different lines. All of them are high purity, high quality, and stable from batch to batch.

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