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Pigment Carbon Black

Pigment carbon black has higher tinting strength compared to iron black or organic pigments and is thermally stable, therefore pigment carbon black is used as colorants for printing inks, paints, coatings, plastics, textile printing, color pastes, adhesive and sealants, printer toner, metallurgy.

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Characteristics of pigment carbon black:

  • 1. Better color strength and hiding power compared with other pigments;
  • 2. Excellent heat resistance, chemical resistance and light resistance compared with other pigments;
  • 3. Very good dispersibility in coatings, printing inks, plastics and rubbers because of very small particle size from several nanometer to dozens of nanometer;
  • 4. There are more and special requirements for pigment carbon black refer to blackness, color strength, surface activity, conductivity, ash, toluene light transmittance, dispersibility, fluidity etc. than rubber carbon black.
  • Epsilon offers below equivalent pigment carbon blacks:

    • Brand name from Cabot: M430, M717, M900, M1000, M1100, M1300, BP-2, BP-280, BP430, BP460, BP470, BP900, BP 3560, MOGUL-L, MOGUL-H, 9A32, DL430, DL-3, ELFTEX 415, 250R, R330R, 660R, VXC200, VXC500, VXC605, 99R.
    • Brand name from Degussa: SB4, SB6, SB100, S170, 50L, 900L, PRINTEX A, PRINTEX 35, PRINTEX 85, P-U, P-30, P-55, P300, AS 11, 140U, HIBLACK 40L, HIBLACK 150B, HB 20HSB, HB 30L, XPB366.
    • Brand name from Mitsubishi: MA100, 3050B, #50, CSRC2850, CSRC6300.
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