Fluorescent pigments for high temperature plastics

EQ series fluorescent pigments owns brilliant colors, intense fluorescence, good dispersion with high temperature resistance up to 260°C. EQ series fluorescent pigments are free of formaldehyde, heavy metals and prohibited aromatic amines. They are widely used in coloring for all kinds of high temperature plastics with processing temperature less than 280°C by plastics injection, extrusion, membrane blowing and fiber drawing.

Typical Physical Properties

Specification Value
Shade (compared with std.) Similar
Tinting Strength (compared with std.), % 95 min.
Average Particle Size, μm 25 max.
Heat Resistance, °C 260 min.


Color Sample Epsilon Type Fluorescent Pigment
  EQ-11 Pink
  EQ-12 Peach Red
  EQ-13 Red
  EQ-14 Orange Red
  EQ-15 Orange Yellow
  EQ-16 Golden Yellow
  EQ-17 Lemon Yellow
  EQ-18 Green
  EQ-19 Blue
  EQ-20 Violet
  EQ-21 Magenta
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