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Micaceous iron oxide

Micaceous iron oxide is made of micaceous hematite, it is flake crystal powder and looks like mica, so this iron oxide is called micaceous iron oxide. The crystals of micaceous iron oxide take on sheet or plate hexagonal with large radius to thickness ratio, its diameter is from tens of microns to a hundred microns and thickness is only a few microns to tens of microns. Mohs hardness is 5.5-6.5, relative density is 4.7-4.9. Micaceous iron oxide is a physical anti-rust pigment, the main ingredient is ferric oxide. Micaceous iron oxide owns high fastness to light, heat and weather, good anti-corrosion resistance, it doesn't change colors even at 1000℃.

The anti-corrosion mechanism of micaceous iron oxide is that, the flake micaceous iron oxide is distributed in coatings, which makes the mechanical strength of coatings increased. Base resin as well as micaceous iron oxide form closed dense coating and prevent water vapor to penetrate into coatings, in the meantime, the dense anti-corrosion coating can guard against the coatings' degradation by UV light.

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