Colorants for Paints and Coatings Application

The pigments and dyes used in paints and coatings would be good flow, low viscosity, easy to grind, good light fastness and weather resistance generally. While paints and coatings' requirements vary differently accroding to the application areas, such as good light fastness and weather resistance are demaned for outdoor using, i.e. outdoor fence, agricultural machinery, exterior wall etc., high temperature is a must for automotive interiors and exteriors paints, muffler and stove coatings, fireplace paints, high-heat powder coatings, decorative ceramic coatings and so on. With the development of society, the claim to be environment friendly is taken into consideration day by day with more and more strict policies, this needs all of the colorants for paints and coatings less and less OVC, free heavy metals and APEO, as well as 24 banned aromatic amines and others.

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