Colorants for Printing Ink

Inks are colorants for printing, a sticky fluid substance dispersed evenly in binders by colorant particles, while pigments and dyes are colorant for inks. Hence pigments and dyes will influence the performance of printing inks. Organic pigments’ varieties, colors and good performance make them the most important colorants in printing inks, the colorants for inks must be the right color, good dispersibility and lightfastness, as well as the suitable transparency etc. Distinguished by format, there are relief printing, offset printing which includes cold-set ink, hot-set ink, and sheet feed ink, gravure printing, flexo / flexographic printing, screen printing, inkjet printing, UV curing inks etc.; paper printing, metal / tin printing, plastic printing and cloth printing are based on printed materials,; newspaper inks, book inks, packing inks, building inks, and brand inks are for different using. Classified by solvents of printing inks, there are water-based inks, solvent based inks including surface printing inks: PA inks, NC inks, reverse printing inks: CLPP inks, PU inks, toluene inks and alcohol soluble inks. Water based ink is widely used in corrugated cartons, color coated paper such as packaging paper of luxury products, tea, cigarette/ tobacco box and liquor products, cosmetic, consumer electronics packaging paper, multi walled bags, paper bags etc. printing on kraft and white liners etc., Screen printing ink includes solvent borne screen printing ink with thermoplastic polyurethane resin, polyester resin, acrylic polyol resin, and polycarbonate diol resin, water borne screen printing ink, and UV curing screen printing ink for home appliance, textile printing, ceramic, glass, wall tile, floor tile, advertisement, packaging of packaging box, packaging bottle, cigarette packaging etc. applied in paper printing such as advertisement, art printing, packaging printing, building printing, plastic printing, wood products printing, metal products printing, glass and ceramic printing, label printing, PCB printing, textile printing, leather products printing. Water based screen printing ink is printed on shoe material, clothing, handicraft, handbag and packaging products industry applied in high quality polyurethane material, TPU material, PU /leather material, EVA material, rubber material etc. Besides, there are PET ink, leather UV ink, EVA screen ink, silica gel screen printing ink, TPU ink / polyurethane screen-printing ink. UV screen printing ink is widely used in soft plastic, film, flexible pipe, rigid PET bottle /container / plate, glass products such as bottle, container etc., packaging decoration, the printing of front panels/ membrane switches, overlays, high-quality flat key pads, as well as other operational control panels, cards, illuminated signs, beverage dispensers, front panels, automotive parts, glass and ceramics, plastic bottles, cosmetic packaging and so on. Solvent based screen-printing ink is suitable for PC/PET film, treated PP/PE plastic, glass, metal, leather goods, luggage and coated fabric, glass printing. The environment friendly inks are water-based inks, UV curing inks, water-based UV curing inks and some alcohol soluble inks. On the other hand, some of water-based inks require steam resistance, stable storing and no swelling. Metal decorating ink is printed on iron sheet/tinplate, steel plate or aluminum sheet, so it should be nice bound/adhesion to metal sheets, high resistance to steam, baking and solvents, as well as good lightfastness and easy processing. Tin printing ink is widely used in food packing, drinking packing, beverage cans, thermos shell, toys and cosmetic boxes etc. Besides colorants for printing ink, Epsilon’s products also cover paints and coatings, plastic, masterbatch, rubber, textile printing, building material, paper, detergent, textile industries, as well as other fields.

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