Iron Oxide Red for Ceramics

1. What are the most popular types of iron oxide red used in ceramics?

Iron Oxide Red 110, Iron Oxide Red 130, Iron Oxide Red 190 are most popular, also Iron Oxide Red 180, Iron Oxide Red 120, Iron Oxide Red 160, Iron Oxide Red 140, Iron Oxie Red 101 are well used in ceramics.

2. What's the quantity of iron oxide red used in ceramic?

More than 10,000.00kg in Chinese market.

3. Which production process of iron oxide red has better quality when applicable in ceramics?

Currently, there are two production process of synthetic iron oxide red, sulphate process and mixed acid process, mixed acid process is also called nitric acid process. The quality of later one for ceramics is better than first one.

4. Which colors of pottery and porcelains are colored by iron oxide red?

Iron oxide red is used as colorant into ceramics, it is the pigment that forms the colors such as brown series, black series of ceramic glaze, cobalt iron series of glaze,  black , coffee color, dark brown of ceramic body composition. Brown series play an import role in ceramic industry, the crystal structure of brown series is Fe-Cr-Zn-Al and Fe-Cr-Zn, Fe III exhibits red color, it shows golden yellow to black brown after combined with chrome oxide green.

1). The appliation of black and coffee ceramic body by iron oxide red.

(1) For black ceramic body

The main colors for ceramic wall brick and  floor tile production are black, yellow and coffee tone. Black is more than 35% among ceramic body colors, iron oxide red is the main raw materials of ceramic body black formular, the content is 50-80%. The low quality of iron oxide red has bad heat resistance, and it is only suitable for lower quality black ceramic body.

(2) For coffee ceramic body

Currently, coffee ceramic body is produced by mixing buring of chromite and iron oxide red, yellowish iron oxide red such as 101, 110 and 120 makes red and yellow tone ceramic body, while bluish iron oxide red forms black coffee ceramic body, especially iron oxide red 180, as it is the most dark violet iron oxide red.

2). What's the best iron oxide red for brown ceramics?

The best iron oxide red for brown ceramics is the one with bright red appearance and dark violet tone, especially the formular of zirconium iron oxide red for glaze and coral red for ceramic body, iron oxide red produced by mixed acid process.

5. Besides iron oxide red, which pigments are used for ceramics?

It is required more than 1300°C for underglaze pigments, this also make the pigments high stability, only some complex inorganic pigments can meet this heat resistance, such as Cobalt Blue (pigment blue 28, pigment blue 36), Chrome Black (Pigment Black 30), Chrome Titanium (pigment brown 24), Chromium Iron Oxide (pigment brown 29), Zinc Iron Brown (pigment brown 33), Cobalt Green (pigment green 26, pigment green 50), Nickel Titanium Yellow (pigment yellow 53), Manganese Titanium (pigment yellow 164). While on-glaze application, heat resistance is 600-800°C, there are lots of pigments meeting reaching the temperature, besides above pigments, these pigments can also be used, Cadmium Red (pigment red 108), Manganese Ferrite Black (pigment black 26), Copper Chromite Black (pigment black 28), Zinc Ferrite Yellow (pigment yellow 119). When applicable for ceramic body, there are even more pigmetns, it requires lower heat resistance. All of these pigments give very colorful ceramics.
Iron Oxide Red for Coffee Ceramic (pottery and porcelain)
Iron Oxide Red for Dark Brown Ceramics (pottery and porcelain)
Iron Oxide Red for Black Ceramics (pottery and porcelain)
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