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Iron Oxide Red 130

General Description

  • Product name: Iron Oxide Red 130
  • C.I. No.: 77491
  • Color Index: Pigment Red 101
  • CAS RN NO.: 1309-37-1
  • EINECS NO.: 215-168-2
  • Molecular Formula:Fe2O3
  • Molecular Weight:159.69
  • Synonymy: C.I. 77491, C.I. Pigment Red 101, C.I. Pigment Red 101 and 102, C.I. Pigment Red 102, Ferric oxide, Iron (III) Oxide Anhydrous, diiron trioxide, E 172, Iron (III) oxide – calcined, Iron oxide – precipitated, Ferric oxide for ferrite; Iron (III) oxide, red; Hematite; iron oxide red, C.I.P. R.101, Iron (III) oxide, diferric oxygen(-2) anion, oxo-(oxoferriooxy)iron, iron oxide.

Iron oxide red 130 Applications

Iron oxide red 130 is widely used in paints and coatings, cement products such as paving stones, concrete blocks, roofing tiles, bricks, slurry, etc., asphalts, sports racetracks, plastics and rubbers, leather industries, papers and pulp, terraces, architectural and building materials, glazed ceramics, pottery and porcelain.

Typical Physical Properties

Specification Value
Appearance Bluish red powder
Content of Fe2O3, % 96 min.
pH value 3-7
Shade Close to std.
Oil Absorption, % 15-25
Residue on 320 mesh, % 0.3 max.
Water soluble, % 0.3 max.
Volatile at 105℃ 1.0 max.
Tinting strength, % 98-102
DE (compared with std,) 0.5 max.

Notes: iron oxide red 130 is the most popular iron oxide red, there are 130A, 130S, 130B, CB130 etc.. available, difference is the shades.

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