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Pigment Violet 23

In order to meet the high requirements in the market, Epsilon has developed lots of types that equivalent to BASF, Sunchemical, Clairant, DIC , Ciba etc., such as CROMOPHTAL VIOLET GT from Ciba, CROMOPHTAL VIOLET D 5800 and CROMOPHTAL VIOLET L 5805 from BASF, FASTOGEN SUPER VIOLET RNS and FASTOGEN SUPER VIOLET RN from DIC, INDOFAST VIOLET P/C 23 446-4119, INDOFAST VIOLET 246-1674 and INDOFAST VIOLET 23 246-0505 from Sunchemical, PV Fast Violet RL, Novoprime Violet RL, HOSTAPERM VIOLET RL SPECIAL, HOSTAPERM VIOLET RL-NF, Hostaperm Violet RLS-1, Hostaperm Violet RLS, Hostaperm Violet BLS and Hostaperm Violet RL -2 from Clariant. These products have outstanding properties than normal types, such as plastic, paint and coating, printing ink etc.

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