The heat resistance of Iron Oxide Yellow

1. What temperature does iron oxide yellow endure?

Iron oxide yellow is not good heat resistance, it will become red iron oxide after heating more than 177°C.

2. Why does iron oxide yellow have bad heat resistance?

From the molecular of iron oxide yellow Fe2O3·H2O, we can see there is water, and when temperature is up to 177°C, water will be decomposed from iron oxide yellow, and left Fe2O3, which is iron oxide red and the color turns from yellow to red.

3. Is there any way to improve the heat resistance of iron oxide yellow?

The bad heat resistance makes iron oxide yellow's application limited which requires high temperature working, especially plastic processing and baked coatings. When iron oxide yellow is synthesised by precipitation process and encapsulated by Aluminium Hydroxide Al(OH)3 with PH value 8-10, its heat resistance can be up to 260°C. it can improve lots of applications for iron oxide yellow.
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