Colored asphalt pigments for Hardscapes

The asphalts are mostly black in previous projects, but with the increasing demands of colorful appearance in hardscapes, bitumens are requested to dye the color. The most usage of the color pigments in the asphalt or bitumens is in road sector, which is from traffic management that can increase the attention to lanes, pedestrian crossings and so on.Dyed asphalt is also used in sport facilities, gardens, interiors, driveways, parking lots, walkways, bike paths, roadways, roadway shoulders, highway medians, streets, and walking paths. All asphalt pigments are excellent lightfasteness with a high coloring strength.

There are two kinds of colored bitumen pigments, one is the traditonal iron oxide pigments which give a darker color and bad heat resistance,
especially blue, green, coffee color, grey, yellow, and orange. The improved type is more brilliant color and better heat resistance, blue offers 150-160 Celsius degree heat resistance, other colors are 160-170 Celsius degree heat resistance. In order to perform the desired colored asphalt, decolorized bitumen is a necessary. The addition of color pigments during the manufacturing in the decolorized asphalt dyes the bitumen, the pigments are offered in melting plastic bags, with the combination of the stone, sand and decolorized asphalt, they are mixed and give the desired end color of the mixture.

Below are some of the projects colored by Epsilon Asphalt Pigments:

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