Paper Making Pigment Paste

Synthetic Leather Pigment Paste is good fluidity, low viscosity, no precipitate, high hiding power and color strength, chroma saturation, excellent chemical stability, lightfastness, weather resistance, acid and alkali resistance, good heat resistance, anti-yellowing and migration resistance. This dispersion is suitable for different leather coloring process, such as spraying, coating, printing of leather tinting.

Epsilon offers below Pigment Pastes, customized products are also acceptable.

Product Name

Color Index

Pigment Yellow 12 Paste

Pigment Yellow 12

Pigment Yellow 14 Paste

Pigment Yellow 14

Pigment Yellow 42 Paste

Pigment Yellow 42

Pigment Yellow 81 Paste

Pigment Yellow 81

Pigment Yellow 83 Paste

Pigment Yellow 83

Pigment Yellow 139 Paste

Pigment Yellow 139

Pigment Yellow 154 Paste

Pigment Yellow 154

Pigment Orange 5 Paste

Pigment Orange 5

Pigment Orange 13 Paste

Pigment Orange 13

Pigment Orange 16 Paste

Pigment Orange 16

Pigment Orange 34 Paste

Pigment Orange 34

Pigment Red 101 Paste

Pigment Red 101

Pigment Red 122 Paste

Pigment Red 122

Pigment Red 170 Paste

Pigment Red 170

Pigment Red 254 Paste

Pigment Red 254

Pigment Blue 15:0 Paste

Pigment Blue 15:0

Pigment Blue 15:3 Paste

Pigment Blue 15:3

Pigment Green 7 Paste

Pigment Green 7

Pigment Violet 23 Paste

Pigment Violet 23

Pigment White 6 Paste

Pigment White 6

Pigment Black 7 Paste

Pigment Black 7

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