Solvent Green 5

General Description

  • Product name: Fluorescent Green 8G
    Color Index: Solvent Green 5
    C.I. No.: 59075
    CAS NO.: 2744-50-5, 79869-59-3
    EINECS NO.: 220-379-8

Color Sample


Related Brands

  • (BASF) Fluovol Green Gold 084
    (PYL) Fluorol Green Gold
    (APCP) AP Green 5
    (ACL) Kenawax Fluorescent Yellow
    (KEY) Keyplast Fluorescent Yellow Green 7G
    (PSC) Oil Fluorescent Yellow
    (ROSE) Rosaplast Green F6G

Equivalent to

  • (BASF) Fluovol Green Gold 084

Solvent Green 5 Applications

Solvent Green 5 is used in coloring for plastics, PS, HIPS, ABS, PC, RPVC, PMMA SAN, AS, PA6, PET, resin and other light industrial products.

Typical Physical Properties

Specification Value
Appearance Orange powder
Density, g/cm3 0.4
Melting Point, °C 205
Light Fastness in PS 5-6
Heat Resistance in PS, °C 300
Degree of Pigmentation 0.05% dyes + 0.1% TiO2
Solubility at 20°C Acetone 2.2
Butyl Acetate ---
Methylbenzene 3.92
Dichloromethane 18.90
Ethyl Alcohol 1.40
Recommended Dosage Transparent 0.005
Non-transparent 0.02

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