Solvent Orange 63

General Description

  • Product name: Fluorescent Orange GG
    Color Index: Solvent Orange 63
  • C.I. No.: 68550
    CAS NO.: 16294-75-0
    EINECS NO.: 240-385-4

Color Sample


Related Brands

  • (HOE) Hostasol Red GG
    (BAYER) Macolox Fluorescent Red GG
    (HOE) Flourescent Red GG

Equivalent to

  • Hostasol Red GG (BAY)

Solvent Orange 63 Applications

Solvent Orange 63 is used in coloring for polystyrene, PS, HIPS, ABS, PC, RPVC, PMMA, SAN, AS, PA6, PET, ABS resin, polymethylmethacrylate, resin, unplasticized pvc and other plastics, also used in coloring of estron, caprone and terylene laser device.

Typical Physical Properties

Specification Value
Appearance Greenish orange powder
Density, g/cm3 1.49
Melting Point, °C 314
Light Fastness in PS 6-7
Heat Resistance in PS, °C 300
Degree of Pigmentation 0.05% dyes + 0.1% TiO2
Solubility at 20°C Acetone 1
Butyl Acetate 1
Methylbenzene 0.3
Dichloromethane 0.5
Ethyl Alcohol 0.5
Recommended Dosage Transparent 0.02
Non-transparent 0.05

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